Western Forest Complex
  An Untouched Wilderness in the Borderland of Thailand and Myanmar

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Getting there

Most of the areas of the Western Forest Complex are accessible by car only. Some of them require a 4WD, but many road and tracks are fine also for ordinary cars. However, in the rainy season it is advisible to take 4WD almost anywhere, as the access roads can get slippery or washed out.

Some areas of Erawan, Khao Laem, Sai Yok and Thong Pha Phum national parks are accessible also by public transport.

Getting around

To get around you can hire pick-ups or tractors in many of the parks. However, hiking or trekking is the most enjoyable mean of "transport" in the wilderness not only for its quite pace, more appropriate for nature, bus also for seeing wildlife and enjoying scenery. Some parks - Erawan, Um Phang and others - have also short nature trails suited for anybody.

For more detailed information on transport to and around the Western Forest Complex see the protected areas pages.
Wild plants - infinite variety of colours and fragrances Mystic fog - the breath of jungle Beautiful waterfalls - source of water for Thailand One of the last habitats of beasts of prey Abundant Wildlife Colourful blossoms - endless inspiration


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