Western Forest Complex
  An Untouched Wilderness in the Borderland of Thailand and Myanmar

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Great hornbill

Impermeable jungle curtain on the road through the park

Naturally rich Thong Pha Phum directly borders the relatively intact forests in Myanmar through which it is connected to the Kaeng Krachan National Park in Phetchaburi province. Both of the parks are very important for conservation of biodiversity of the region.

Geography and Climate

Through the Khao Laem National Park the park is connected with the Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary and directly is connected to the Sai Yok National Park and the forests in Myanma. The weather in this area has three distinct seasons: rains from June to October, the winter from November to January and the summer from February to May.

Flora and Fauna

The forested hills accommodate many plants and wildlife including elephant, mountain goat, tiger, bear, buffalo, barking deer, civet and birds.

What to See

Khao Yai Waterfall - a big 3-tier waterfall, accessible via a 4 km nature trail

Dip Yai Waterfall - situated next below Khao Yai Waterfall with which the stream eventually meets. To get there use the same route as to the Khao Yai Waterfall.

Jok Ka Din Waterfall - a beautiful towering waterfall falling down from a 30 m high cliff. It is 3 km from the park headquarters.

Khao Khad Viewpoint - close to Jok Ka Din Waterfall. The highest elevation viewpoint from which the surrounding forest and Jok Ka Din Waterfall can be seen.

Khao Noi Cave - located in Taling Daeng village the cave contains a Buddha image and stalactite and stalagmite.

Km 15 Viewpoint - located at km 15 of the Ban Rai - E-tong road, the viewpoint is a good place to see the Khao Lam reservoir

Nern Sao Thong
- Nern Sao Thong (a Flagstaff mountain, named after the Thai flag on top) is a mountain peak on the border of Thailand and Myanma. It hosts a permanent Thai army camp, but can be visited to enjoy the views to Thailand and Myanmar.

What to Do

Trekking, caving.


Headquarters - accommodation, restaurant, visitors center, parking


Camping site is available at the headquarters.


By car or by yellow public pick-up (line number 8280) going to E-Tong village from Thong Pha Phum in Kanchanaburi province. The pick-up passes the park headquarters as well as the turn-off to the Jok Ka Din waterfall.

More information

Department of National Parks - Thong Pha Phum page - more detailed information on attractions, accommodation, online reservations, facilities etc.
Map of Thong Pha Phum National Park
Map of Thong Pha Phum National Park

Wild plants - infinite variety of colours and fragrances Mystic fog - the breath of jungle Beautiful waterfalls - source of water for Thailand One of the last habitats of beasts of prey Abundant Wildlife Colourful blossoms - endless inspiration


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